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a girl who talks to dead people.

characters of the animated horror comedy sitcom IdaEdit

  • Ida Robbinson(voiced by Grey DeLisle),a 10 year old creative girl who had the ability to speak with the dead.
  • Ava Robbinson(voiced by Tara Strong),Ida and Robbie's younger sister who is a intelligent,talented,and prettier than Phoebe.
  • Robbie Robbinson(voiced by Tom Kenny),Ida's older brother who is a football player.
  • Eliza and Joe Robbinson(voiced by Jennifer Hale and Tom Kenny),Ida,Ava,and Robbie's wacky parents.
  • Abby Johnson(voiced by Skai Jackson),Ava's sassy best friend.
  • Nikita Sanchez(voiced by Candi Milo),a spolied bratty rich girl who is Ida's rival.
  • Daisy Johnson(voiced by Maria Canelas),Ida's street smart best friend.

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